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Master of Arts in Film and Media

Program code: 002A

Course Commencement : July 2023


The qualification required to apply for the program is a minimum of 50% marks in the respective bachelor’s degree from a recognized university

Bangalore – Study Campus

Center for Creative Arts & Design Jain(Deemed-to-be University)
No.17, Sheshadri Road Gandhi Nagar Bangalore - 560 009

Admissions Office

JGI Knowledge Campus # 44/4, District Fund Road Jayanagar 9th Block Campus Bangalore - 5600 69
+91 7022427777 / +91 6366828476

In this program students will research and reflect on the wants, needs and expectations of this fast paced, multibillion industry.

Through research and analysis, they will develop a critical understand of the current and emerging genres of movies, ranging from comedy to drama and psychological thrillers and horror movies.

A detailed understanding of the essentials of a business proposition, movie construction – the plot, the script, the special effects and the score and that extra twist that is going to pull in discerning audiences.

Program Overview

Film Making & Digital Production enables career in Indian Film and Television industry

The Program enables students to become a creative thinker, creative film producer and Film and Television managerial professional.

Discover the filmmaking art and craft also develop entrepreneurial skills to enable you to create and market movies.

Employability is the core of our program which creates an opportunity to discover which of the many roles in film making is your passion.

Career Opportunities include:

  • Interactive Media
  • Film and Video Production
  • Television
  • Digital/Mobile Media
  • Video games design
  • Web Series Production

Career Opportunities

Company Names Job Roles
Parodevipictures Interactive media
Yash Raj Studio Film and Video Production
Red Chillies Productions Television
Video Games Design
Digital/Mobile Media
Web Series Production
Education Films
Explainer Video Producer
Motion Graphic Artist
E-Learning Content Producer
Documentary filmmaker
Film Director
Script Writer
Production Designer/Art Director
Sound Designer
Film/TV Editor
Community Films.


1. Internships for UG Students or PG Students we are giving in last year that is 300 Hours.

2. Students also get chance to study at Incubation centres.

SEM1 : Name of The Subject SEM2 : Name of The Subject
Evolution of Film and Technology Direction and Script-writing
Elements of Art and Design Cinematography & Visual Construction
Elements of Story and Script Writing Cinematography & Visual Construction - Lab
Film Language and Story-boarding Image Composting and Editing
Film Language and Story-boarding - Lab Image Composting and Editing - Lab
Photography & Visual Composition Insights of Sound Design
Photography & Visual Composition - Lab Insights of Sound Design - Lab
Direction and Script-writing
Direction and Script-writing - Lab
Cinematography and Visual Story Telling
Cinematography and Visual Story Telling - Lab
Editing Theory and Visual Language
Editing Theory and Visual Language - Lab
Sound Recording and Mixing
Sound Recording and Mixing - Lab
Production Design
Production Design - Lab
Screenplay Writing, Conflict and Characterization
Screenplay Writing, Conflict and Characterization - Lab
SEM3 : Name of The Subject SEM4 : Name of The Subject
Media Ethics Film Promotion and Distribution
Visual Research Methods Budgeting and Planning for Film Production
Aesthetics of Light and Color- Lab Project Work Fiction/ Ad Film/Music Video and Portfolio
Motion Graphics – Lab I
Motion Graphics-Lab II
Digital Intermediate-Lab
Direction for Documentary Film
Direction for Documentary Film - Lab
Cinematography for Documentary Film
Cinematography for Documentary Film - Lab
Editing for Documentary Film
Documentary Film Production – Editing -Lab
Sound Design for Documentary Film
Sound Design for Documentary Film - Lab
Production Design for Documentary Film
Production Design for Documentary Film - Lab
Script Writing for Documentary Film
Script Writing for Documentary Film - Lab
New Media Theory
Analyzing Character, Actor & Method Actor